My name is Md. Shahnewaz Zwaki. I passed my LL.B. From Islamic University kushtia, Bangladesh. I am a student of LL.M. at the same institution. I want to become a Barrister. For achieve my goal I am studying very hardly. I do not know can I be a Barrister. I have a hope to do so. I believe in positiveness. I believe in “Think Positive, Do Positive.” I believe in love. I believe one day I’ll change the legal system of Bangladesh. I also believe I can take my loving country to a new level.
My Father is a lawyer too. He has a very good reputation as a lawyer in Kushtia. More than 10 world class Bank appointed him as a legal adviser. So, I have some experience in law profession too because I help my father with his work at home.
My mother is a housewife. She is very helpful to us. She makes meal for us with very carefully. She also loves us very much. We cannot do anything without her help.
I have a brother who is studying M.B.B.S. at Bogra Medical College. I also have two sisters. They are very lovely and sweet too. All of my brother and sisters respect me as a elder brother. I also love them very very much.
Finally I would like to say that I love blogging very much. Blogging is my Life. I maintain two blogs in this website. One is Legal blog its about Law and the other is Life Book my personal blog which contains My dreams, My future plans, My memories of past,  Short story written by me, Fiction written be me and many many thing what I like. So, visit them and explore the new dimension of  Blogging.


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  1. Very good thinking. Hope you will achieve your goal & also hope will not leave your present attitude in future at your work place.

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